Theatre of Epidavros

The quiet and peaceful ancient theater of Epidavros is a unique venue that I’ve visited recently.

I couldn’t think of a different arrangement than a piano on stage, and a silent crowd observing the scenery created.

I composed this music with different variations but I chose the simplest one, to express the empty theater, the light and the speed of the footage.

It is just me on my Kurzweil PC3X

I would appreciate your feedback on this!!!


The volcanoes of Greece

Our first attemt on a short film is finally complete. We have decided to create a short documentary about the Volcanoes of Greece.

We collaborated with Vasilis Saltagiannis, an enthusiastic geologist, composer and singer who created the scenario and narrated as well.

Footage came from local drone pilots and I have created the music inspired by the words that accompanied the footage.

I am really proud of our collaborative work and the result.



When someone mentions the kingdom of Mycenae, I believe many of us think about historical events and personalities such as Agamemnon and Menelaus, the Trojan War, battles etc

My mind goes into similar thoughts which were reinforced by the aerial footage of the place.

A piece of epic symphonic music was required in my opinion and I did my best to bring it to life.

My entire VST library came in play, and a lot of time was spent on creating the sounds and the different themes.

I hope that you enjoy the outcome.

The canyon of river Lousios and the monasteries

I could write a book about this video. Recording original sounds in the forest, the river and the monastery was a unique experience.

I must admit that being physically present in the location of the filming, puts a different dimension in the musical ideas.

It is clear, that cellos have a leading part in my musical thinking which I try to express as accurately as possible.

In this video however, Omnisphere vocal samples play a key part in the arrangement.

Lousios river as you can see, is truly astonishing and you can’t help but thinking about returning to this place!

The bridge of Karitena

The bridge of Karitena is shown on the 5000 drachmas note. It is a bridge that many battles have been fought during the 1821 revolution. While standing on this bridge, my mind was thinking of him.

Theodoros Kolokotronis, was an emblematic personality during the Hellenic revolution of 1821 who was originally from Karitena.

He appears to express progressive thinking as well as being very courageous during the political conflicts that followed the end of the revolution.

In a play, titled “Our Great Circus”, written by Iakovos Kabanelis, Kolokotronis has a monologue where his progressive thinking is illustrated clearly. He asks of the modern Greeks to keep looking ahead and stop leaning in their past.

This play, the scenario and the music have been always a great inspiration for me.

My music is a revision of a piece called “T Anapli” originally composed by Stavros Xarhakos, for this play.

The Oracle of Delfi from above

Very little can be said about this video. All ancient sites in Greece are great sources of inpsiration.

I imagined a peaceful environment as seen in the footage, with nothing disturbing the nature and the ruins of the Oracle of Delfi.

I also imagined a cello playing on the top of the hill, in total harmony with the picturesque scenery.

This is when my faith in simplicity was massively reinforced. The sounds of nature along with simple music will always create an emotional movement inside me.

I used BBC Sound FX libraries to accompany the original sound of the area. I used Kurzweil’s PC3X Cello samples as well.

I hope you enjoy it.