Manos Hadzidakis – A prophete?

I know that this post is for those who speak Greek and I apologize to the rest of you who won’t understand it.

Manos Hadzidakis is on the top 5 of Greek Musicians – Composers of all time. Mostly well known for the music on “Never on a Sunday” which is a shame since he composed some amazing musical pieces. He did have his own style in melodies and harmonies and he managed to find the right balance between vocals and music in a song (something which I admire).

In the video posted, we see some of its personality. We listen to some quotes mentioned 20, 30 or even 40 years ago and they are still applicable today. Especially in the political and economical situation my country is in. For example, back in 1994 when the fascist Golden Dawn party was just a violent gang, he performed a big concert in Athens against fascism. He was in charge of national radio after the dictatorship promoting the culture, new artists etc.

Manos Hadzidakis for me will always be a noble man.


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