Hanon – The most valuable exercise resource


When I was studying classical piano at the music school I always had one nightmare every time I had to attend class.

The exercises.

I could never appreciate how important they were, plus I was so enjoying the melodies and the history of every piece of classical music that I couldn’t wait to play it. Of course, that was about 15 years ago. Studying the exercises at home was never an option for me as I would sit down in front of my piano and I would play all kinds of songs, or just melodies.

15 years later, I found myself enjoying some exercises from the book pictured above.

HANON – by Charles-Louis Hanon

I believe I can easily say that it is invaluable. Tons of exercises for finger independence, scales, power etc. Best recommendation is to play along the metronome from 60bpm to 108bpm and repeat the exercises regularly before continuing to the next one.

At the end of the book there is an amazing comment from the author apparently:

Every pianist that wants to become virtuoso, needs to repeat the whole book everyday for a long period of time

Of course I am not anywhere near that, but it would certainly help me improve my technique.



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