Scrum Master certification


In May 2016, I have taken the Scrum Master certification examination, which I successfully passed. I decided to take a training course with RadTac and Peter Measy. I found the course through Scrum Aliance website, and I chose the course mainly due to Peter Measy’s reputation. The course took place over a weekend in two separate sessions.

During the first session on Saturday morning, Peter spend a lot of time understanding the audience, our expectations from the course and spend some time giving a brief introduction into the scrum principles. What intrigued me, was the patience with which Peter was listening and answering to every question of the participants. After quite some time, he said few words which I believe have very special value:

The art of the Scrum Master, is to assess the reality and the approach taken by a business with regards to its product development. Keep asking about the areas a business wants to improve and help them visualize an evolutionary way which will help them transform.

One of the key areas of the discussion on Saturday was around organisations that refuse to change, or fail to see areas of improvement. The examples of such organisations are numerous. Peter talked to us about NOKIA which failed to change and adapt its product development to the new world.

Here are few more quotes that I will keep having in my mind which are more applicable to software development is:

It is pointless to deliver the wrong product within time and budget

Plan on cadence, release on demand

The Scrum master can detect if a team is forward thinking by measuring creativity

On Sunday we spent a lot of time on the Scrum theory. We also discussed many case studies and examples of Scrum applicability and we also spent some time reviewing Kanban.

About a week later, I took the Scrum Aliance examination and passed.

Thanks to Peter, for his transmitting skills.


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